Bilingual Tech for Accountability Lab

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The Tech for Accountability Lab, a free, bilingual course, was offered by Stanford Online. The course, which ended on October 17, 2016, explored how technology is enabling greater transparency and citizen engagement across a range of political arenas, including elections, law-making, political finance and more.

The course material was designed with two audiences in mind:

  • Social activists working on, or interested in, transparency, accountability and anti-corruption projects. The course provided an opportunity to learn how affordable, accessible technologies can be integrated into social-change programming; it also connected with other activists around the world.
  • Programmers and developers interested in using their technology skills to make powerful institutions more transparent and accountable.

All course resources were available in English and Arabic, free and open to the public. Participants who completed the course received a statement of accomplishment from Stanford Online. Click here to view a complete list of topics and presenters.