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We are strategic and research analysis and consultancy company. We established in 2021 and we are ready to contribute in this growing market for our costumers. Our costumer is a big challenge who face big issues and problems and we aim to solve their issue.

We are Future - Civic Tech Leaders

We Are..

We are a multinational management consulting firm that works with the world’s most prestigious international corporations in a variety of industries. We assist our customers in transforming their businesses in order to meet their goals and capitalize on opportunities provided by industry upheaval and change.

CTL is about our people, as we all know. One of our top focuses is to keep recruiting and developing talents so that we can swiftly provide the proper workforce to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Engineers, scientists, business managers, and industry executives make up our team of top graduates from the world’s top universities. They came to CTL to put their abilities to use, to grow, and to contribute to the company’s success.

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Empowering Global and Local Leaders in Their Marketing Strategies

Our Services

Our mission is to help our customers in growing their business and get a helpful advise according to recent market steps.

We concentrate on nonprofit engagements across a wide range of services, including strategic advising, data analysis, and tech solution development.


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What People Say

What our customers says about us. We are the steps of your stairs to your success and here you will find the trends and latest analysis of markets by our amazing team. View our cutomers feedback of our hard work!

I admire how they surmounted all of the project's challenges and provided the outcomes as though we were operating in 'regular times.' They worked with a sense of humor, diligence, and professionalism that enabled them to complete a difficult assignment. Thank you for your hard work.
Oliver Goodman
Working with the Civic Tech Leaders was a real delight, would like to see more of your services results all around the world.
Emma Stone